Elancia: Das Mass an Fertigung

ELANCIA is an amalgamation of renowned medium-sized companies. We, as a team, specialise in state-of-the-art / innovative outdoor furniture especially designed to blend in with the environment and meet the needs of the outdoor lifestyle of today. Architects, town planners, consulting engineers, public authorities as well as private customers have all come to value us as a reliable partner to support their projects.

L. Michow & Sohn
Neuer Höltigbaum 30
22143 Hamburg

lm [at] michow [dot] com

pro kinder
proKinder Spielobjekte
Industriestraße 6
49744 Geeste

info [at] prokinder-spielobjekte [dot] de

GGL Metallverarbeitung Vorwerk 6
D-38835 Lüttgenrode

info [at] ggl-metallverarbeitung [dot] de